Water-based heating and cooling for domestic and commercial applications

Control and monitor the system remotely

Reliance Eco is a privately owned company specialising in fully integrated water-based heating and cooling for domestic and commercial applications. Our clients can control and monitor the system remotely, supported by programmable control systems to manage all subsystems in a single source.

Starting the business in 2013, Dennis Holden first focused on hydronic underfloor heating systems. These systems were extremely efficient, despite the higher cost of hydronic underfloor heating. Customer satisfaction, regarding quality of installations performed by installation companies, were very poor at the time. As customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of building a sustainable business, Dennis achieved this by offering personalised service of the highest quality, supported by supreme quality equipment and installations.

Water-based heating and cooling

Control and monitor remotely

Each project uniquely designed from scratch

Reliance Eco designs each project from scratch. Each extremely efficient system is designed uniquely by a dedicated team of mechanical engineers providing engineered solutions, using only the highest quality products.

Reliance Eco combines multiple hot and cold energy sources together in a single system, manage them correctly and from the storage distribute the energy to where it is needed in the building.

Reliance Eco has a highly qualified and focused team

Reliance Eco, installs the following sources of energy, sourced from strategic international suppliers:

  • Air to Water Heat pumps and Chillers.
  • Water to Water Heat Pumps and Chillers (geothermal).
  • Gas Boilers for Domestic Hot water and Spatial Heating.
  • Solar Thermal collection and Storage.
  • Heat recovery.

Energy from these sources is stored and utilised in the following applications:

  • Spatial heating
    • Hydronic underfloor heating.
    • Fan coil (water-based) forced air spatial heating.
    • Radiators.
  • Spatial cooling
    • Hydronic under-floor cooling.
    • Fan coils.
  • Pool heating
  • Jacuzzi heating
  • Heated towel rails
  • Domestic hot water

Reliance Eco consists of a dedicated, highly qualified, and focused team who carefully select new projects to ensure that our commitments can be honoured through integrated, high quality and highly efficient systems.

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